Train smart.
Your own personal trainer, nutritionist and coach.

Personalize your Exercise

BodBot adapts your workouts to you, your goals, and your progress.

Reach your goals faster

Whether you simply want to lose fat, gain muscle or be healthy – or you want to work on a specific sport or combination of goals – BodBot will tailor your workouts to accommodate. BodBot will work with you to find an appropriate training volume, intensity, and frequency, and will select exercises and progressions to get you where you’re going efficiently. Why drive half the speed limit?
custom workouts for different fitness goals workout goals icon

Your workouts adapt with your progress

There are no cookie-cutter plans here. If you blow-away the average rate of progress, or hit some hiccups in your training, BodBot's algorithms will adapt your workouts to your pace. Whether your body finds a pristine highway or goes 'off-road' - let BodBot be its navigator.
workouts adapt based on your progress custom workouts adaptation icon

Exercise around your schedule

Whether you have unlimited time or just a few 20-30 minute blocks around the week, BodBot can fit your workouts into any combination. Busy weeks, but free weekends? Done. Half-hour on Monday, but an hour on Wednesday and Friday? No Problem. Miss a workout? Have a new 30 minute window? No problem, we'll adjust as necessary.
flexible workout scheduling at the gym or at home workout schedule icon

Your training adjusts based on your strengths & weaknesses

Use BodBot’s fitness tests to identify areas of opportunity and to reduce injury risk. From strength imbalances, to mobility and stability risks, to posture and flexibility issues, BodBot can provide immediate feedback and assistance. Just as you should periodically check the oil in your car, BodBot can help check your body's systems.
personal fitness plans based on your strengths and weaknesses body icon for tailored fitness plans

Track & Optimize Nutrition

Robust food tracking and recommendations to help you reach any goal.

Eat smarter

All of your nutrition targets are tailored to your specific goals and body. The nutrition requirements of gaining muscle, improving health, or optimizing athletic performance are all very different, and BodBot will recommend both macro and micronutrient targets accordingly.
tailored macronutrient and micronutrient recommendations custom nutrition recommendations based on your goal

Your targets update with your workouts

Complete a great workout? Need to refuel for next time? We'll help you consume enough carbohydrate to replenish muscle glycogen. Missed your planned session? No problem, we'll adjust your calories and other targets as necessary.
diet recommendations based on your workouts nutrition integrated with exercise

Track your meals seamlessly

BodBot instantly remembers your tracked foods and meals. Record a frequently eaten meal with a single click, and reap the rewards of nutrition tracking faster and easier.
meal tracking with a single click faster calorie and nutrient tracking

Remove uncertainty with recommended foods

Based on your progress towards your nutrient targets, BodBot will recommend foods to help you fill deficiencies. Need to hit your protein and omega-3 fatty acid targets? Consider salmon or scallops. Looking for healthy fats and fiber? Give walnuts or almonds a look. No guesswork required, we’ll surface a list of foods that best meet your needs.
foods by nutrients to help you reach your nutrition targets custom food recommendations

Take BodBot with You

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